How Does Envoy Compare?

Simple Answer… We Don’t.

Envoy America is unlike any other transportation service company.

Reserve In Advance

Making reservations a day, a week or a month in advance lowers anxiety for seniors. Our service removes the worry and fear of having to call “the day of” and hoping a driver will be on time.

At Envoy America when you ask us to be at your house next Tuesday at 10am, we will be greeting you at your door next Tuesday at 10am ready to assist you.

Door-to-Door Service

At Envoy America we greet seniors at their door!

Taxis, Uber/Lyft and others provide curb-to-curb service. That means seniors have to wait outside, sometimes in hot or cold weather to be picked up.

Envoy America provides assistance door-to-door, safely and compassionately.

Wait and Return

Envoy America’s wait and return service makes outings easy and uncomplicated for seniors. Our drivers wait at your appointments until you are ready to return home.

A doctor’s appointment that ends up including a trip to a lab for tests or a stop at the pharmacy for a prescription will typically take Envoy America 1.5 hours. That same trip with a taxi or Uber/Lyft, will typically take 2-3 times as long. Seniors can relax knowing their Envoy driver is waiting to take them, whenever they need to go, the minute they are ready to leave.

Multiple Stops

Envoy America’s multiple stops service, lets seniors plan their lives with the same freedom they had when they could drive themselves.

Want to run errands, then visit the eye doctor, followed by picking up friends and going to the movies? No problem, that’s part of Envoy America’s service for seniors.

Making multiple stops while your driver waits for you, relieves the stress of outings for seniors.

Extra Assistance and Companionship

We are passionate about helping Seniors regain their independence. We offer extra assistance, a helping hand and companionship during your outing.

Unlike other taxi or Uber/Lyft services, our driver companions go inside the doctor’s office with the senior. They open the door for them, figure out what suite number to go to. At the grocery store, they push the senior’s shopping cart, reach to grab items from low or high shelves, read labels for them and carry their bags to the car and then up to their door when they get home.

Professional Drivers

Envoy America’s driver companions are trained and incentivized to assist seniors. Our drivers are trained to help seniors transfer in/out of a wheelchair and into a car, and how to interact with clients who have memory issues..

Envoy’s driver companions show up on time at your door and assist you throughout your travel, then return you to your front door safe and sound.

Our reliable, cost effective and convenient service gives seniors their freedom and provides peace of mind for their family members.

Unparalleled Service with a Bonus

In most cases, we cost less…



Envoy America℠ was 33% less than the competition during this ride!

In most cases Envoy America℠ is 20%-30% less than other transportation services.

Envoy America℠ includes all of these added services…
Envoy America℠ Family & Friends Caregiving Agency Uber / Lyft Shuttle / Van Taxi
Reserve in Advance
Door-to-Door Service
Wait & Return Service
Multiple Stops
Assistance During Trip
Companionship During Trip
Trained Drivers
Request Specific Drivers
Senior Friendly Vehicle
Old Fashioned Service
24/7 Service
Phone Reservation (person)
No Tipping Required
Not Imposing on Loved Ones

Make Your Reservation

Plan up to 6 months in advance or just the day before!

(888) 375-5558

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